Alex Parker Demos Games Event: Strongman’s Fear

Alex Parker demonstrates Saturday morning’s workout of the 2017 CrossFit Games. “Strongman’s Fear” For time: 60-ft. yoke carry + 60-ft. handstand walk 60-ft. farmer logs carry + handstand walk 60-ft. sled drag 60-ft. yoke carry + 60-ft. handstand walk 60-ft. farmer logs carry + handstand walk 60-ft. sled drag *Athletes may carry the objects in any order they choose. M 420-lb. yoke, 170-lb. logs, 265-lb. sled F 300-lb. yoke, 120-lb. logs, 220-lb. sled Each lane will contain a yoke, 2 logs and a sled. Athletes must move all 3 items across the stadium floor, in any order. All 3 object must all be brought to the middle of the field, then moved to the end of the field. Each time the athlete moves back to retrieve a new object they must handstand walk the 60-ft. section. The athleteâ



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