Age isn’t a limit when you are Workout and Healthy (Stephen Hyland 64 Y.O)

Stephen Hyland (64 years old) – World Record Holder – Chin Ups & Pull Ups. Still breaking records at 64 Y.O Qualified fitness instructor. Advocat of Calisthenics and HIT, HIIT. @stephenhyland_wrh MOST 64-year-olds are happy to put their feet up but Stephen Hyland aims to be the world’s best. “I have smashed the times of athletes all over the world, some who are in their 20s. Most can’t get anywhere near my records, yet I still have lots in reserve. “Not bad for a man who can get a free Oyster card because of my age. “I am certain I will be able to break a record when I’m 70.” Stephen, who works out in the gym he built in his garage, also holds records for the most chin-ups in 30 minutes, six, 12 and 24 hours and most pull-ups — chin-ups with palms reversed — in 30 minu



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