A CrossFit Pregnancy: Healthy Mother, Healthy Child

At 35 weeks pregnant, Nicole Peyton, an avid CrossFit athlete of more than four years, was still doing CrossFit. Though she’s aware of the stigma that often surrounds pregnant women who do CrossFit, Peyton, 30, says she never considered giving up the fitness regimen. “There are people in my life who think it’s crazy that I’m still dong CrossFit at 35 weeks pregnant,” she says, “and I think that’s because they don’t understand. They don’t understand that CrossFit’s infinitely scalable and that I can modify things.” Weekly trips to the local farmers market to load up on fresh fruit, veggies and quality meat helped Peyton keep her nutrition in check. “It’s a big thing when you’re pregnant: ‘Oh, you know, you’re eating for two. You can eat whatever you want,â



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