60 Min Full Body Deep Stretch Recovery Yoga for Athletes and Runners to Relieve Sore Muscles & DOMS

This 60 minute full body deep stretch yoga practice is the exact daily stretching routine that I personally use to relieve muscle soreness and DOMS – and these stretches are perfect for sore muscles recovery for runners and athletes. ———————————— JOIN THE FIST BUMP FAMILY: SUPPORT US HERE: ———————————— OUR NEW 30 DAY CHALLENGE: MONTHLY WORKOUT CALENDARS: ———————————— [Est. Calories: 178-288] Always consult with a physician before beginning this or any other workout routine. Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat – Yoga Strap (optional) Workout Breakdown: 01 — Sun Salutation — 00:39 02 — Cat Cow — 03:09 03 — Child’s Pose — 03:



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