53 years old transformation with HOME crossfit workouts, Boxing & conditioning

Back to training and conditioning at age 53 in the best shape and strength of my life. I had a bad year up to a year ago, I had lost my fitness level, my abs and muscular tone, but a year ago I got back on the horse and worked hard to keep my mission on track. Royalty Free Music by



The Last Push-Up You Will ever Need To Build a Bigger Chest – How To Mechanical Change Push Up
1 month fa
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Amazing ACRO YOGA – The Impossible Training!!
1 week fa
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Pancia Piatta e Addominali Tonici! – Esercizi Addominali E Core Stability
8 months fa
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Street Workout Challenge 2016 (Street Workout Armenia)
1 year fa
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These 8 “Healthy” Foods are Making You Fat!
1 month fa
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Reebok CrossFit nano 5: Recenzja, test butów [ CrossTrec.pl ]
12 months fa
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How to Burn 150 Calories in 8 Minutes
1 year fa
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CrossFit – Open Workout 13.2 – Movement Standards with Julie Foucher
8 months fa
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Mayhem Freedom Friday (episode 2)
1 year fa
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Handstand Tips for Beginners
1 year fa
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West Regional – Individual Event 1
7 months fa
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Scott Adkins vs Martyn Ford – Fighter vs Monster
4 months fa
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