40 Minute Upper Body Strength at Home Workout // MX500 #02

Burn up to 500 calories with this 40 minute full upper body strength training home workout for both men & women. This workout is jam-packed with the best upper body exercises to work out your shoulders, back, chest and arms – so if you’re looking to build strong and toned arms at home, grab your dumbbells and give this arm workout a GO! Get access to the full MX500 30 day playlist here: and don’t forget to like this video and get our 30 day food journal below. Best of luck, homies 💊😁💥 Please be sure to click the “🔔” next to the SUBSCRIBE button to join our Notification #FBFam and NEVER miss a workout ________________________ ✔ FREE 30 DAY FOOD GUIDE! â-º JOIN THE FIST BUMP FAMILY â-º SUPP



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