35 Minute Full Body Stretching Workout – Deep Strech Yoga for Athletes // MX500 #07

Today we’re going to take care of our sore muscles with this 35 minute full body deep stretching workout routine. Deep stretch yoga is great for flexibility, recovery, reducing muscle soreness, improving mobility, improving posture, reducing the risk of injury and improving performance for athletes. This workout will teach you how to stretch your entire body and includes 50 total body yoga stretches that will get you back in great shape to take on the rest of the workouts in this challenge. Get ready to show your body some love. Get access to the full MX500 30 day playlist here: and don’t forget to like this video and get our 30 day food journal below. Best of luck, homies 💊😁💥 Please be sure to click the “🔔” next to the SUBSCRIBE button to join our



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