35 Minute Brutal HIIT Cardio and Strength Pyramid Ladder Superset Workout // MX500 #08

Get ready for a BRUTAL HIIT workout session, with this 35 minute fat burning cardio and strength pyramid workout. Pyramid workouts are a great way to burn fat, and follows a ladder format that makes circuit training fun. To boost our metabolism even more, each circuit follows a superset workout structure [targeting the same muscle groups back to back] and we’ve even added strength and toning circuits to make this a KILLER HIIT workout for fat loss. This is an advanced full body workout, so grab your dumbbells and sweat rag, because we’re going to BRING IT!!! Get access to the full MX500 30 day playlist here: and don’t forget to like this video and get our 30 day food journal below. Best of luck, homies 💊😁💥 Please be sure to click the “🔔” next to th



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