2017 Meridian Regional Highlights

The 2017 Meridian Regional brought CrossFit fans and athletes from many nations together under one roof at the Caja Mágica stadium in Madrid, Spain. Could Jonne Koski come back strong from the injury that sidelined him last year? Would Sam Briggs, now technically a masters athlete, qualify for the individual competition in Madison? How would Jamie Greene fair on the individual side? Relive the excitement of the Meridian, presented by FitAID. The CrossFit Games — ( The CrossFit Games® – The Sport of Fitness™ The Fittest On Earth™



Bodybuilder does CrossFit Workout “FRAN”
1 year fa
139 visualizzazioni
DIMAGRIRE CON IL CARDIO – Ecco come fare | Gabriele Mari | Barstardi
1 year fa
135 visualizzazioni
Double Kettlebell Brute Strength Workout
2 years fa
161 visualizzazioni
The Impossible Lower-Body Workout
9 months fa
123 visualizzazioni
CrossFit Workout: Exercises – Handstand Pushups, Double Unders
2 years fa
160 visualizzazioni
How To Start Calisthenics | Barstarzz
1 year fa
174 visualizzazioni
The Last Push-Up You Will ever Need To Build a Bigger Chest – How To Mechanical Change Push Up
9 months fa
116 visualizzazioni
5 Pillars of Supplementation | Jim Stoppani
9 months fa
122 visualizzazioni
Blow Up Your Biceps & Triceps | Mike Hildebrandt’s Superset Arm Workout
2 years fa
182 visualizzazioni
Update Show: Teenage Girls in the Qualifier
1 year fa
144 visualizzazioni
Father’s Day Advice
1 year fa
154 visualizzazioni
Which Biceps Curl is Best For Your Biceps (IT MATTERS!!)
2 years fa
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